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Auto Check Car History Report!

Auto Check vs. CarFax

We run “AutoCheck or CarFax ” on every vehicle to get a complete history of every car before we buy it and it is included with your purchase.

AutoCheck or Carfax ? Your not going to find the total truth of a used vehicle on either. At AutoMax of America LLC we run a AutoCheck or Carfax on every car  we purchase depending upon the vehicle type or the region it was purchased in. We have found that with different vehicles or regions that one of these is more dependable than the other.

But that is not enough. Most small repair shops never report repairs and many vehicles show no history of damage or repair even though the have had substantial damage . At AutoMax of America LLC we inspect every cars frame, engine compartment, door jam and trunk for hidden damage not found by any reporting company.

We also use small portable micrometers that measure the thickness of the paint on every panel of a car in seconds. If we find one panel, fender or door on a car has paint that is 1 centimeter thicker or thinner than the rest of the car we know it has been painted. You can not do that with the naked eye or a report. Many thousands of cars are repaired each year in small paint shops and by local mechanics that do not take the time to report these repairs and they will never show up on either CarFax or AutoCheck. Though we do find these reporting agencies helpful, you still need an expert to make sure every vehicle gets a full and thorough check.



  We have access to over 100,000 cars everyday that you will never see on AutoTrader, EBay, the internet or on any car lot. We buy wholesale trades directly from Toyota/Lexus, Mercedes, Honda, Ford and every major manufacturer. We purchase trade-ins directly from multiple dealerships across the country as well as access to every wholesale auction in the country to find the car you want fast !!
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